Why you should ‘grab-the-nettle’ and mediate early.

In Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, the character Mike Campbell is asked how he went bankrupt. ‘Gradually then suddenly’ he replies. This is a hugely perceptive observation about how issues that sometimes can begin quite small can escalate with catastrophic consequences. A neighbour dispute, for example, can start in a reasonably minor way, but if you leave a problem too long and allow acrimony to fester and build, it will only get worse. Eventually, you might find your neighbour approaches a solicitor and then before you know it there are expensive and very time-consuming court proceedings.

Once the court process starts, it is quite difficult to ‘get off’; unless you simply give in and pay the other side’s costs. I believe there is always a compromise to be found (through mediation) and often the other party, does not want to be engaged in the legal process but has decided that they need to do something and then get caught up in the process, and don’t want to be seen to be backing down.

If you leave things too long you will end up in a situation which will dominate both your daily thoughts and your bank account.

It is worth at least speaking to one of us (for free) to at least explore if your problem is worth meditating. It may be a work situation, and you have been burying your head in the sand about it. Whatever the issue, it is always better to deal with it sooner rather than later, and problems rarely get better. ‘Grab the nettle’ now, and a little short-term pain, will be worth it.

Ben Tisdall