What does it cost?

A half-day mediation for 4 hours costs £600.00+VAT (£720.00) per party.

A full-day mediation (usually 10am-5pm) costs £1150+VAT (£1380.00) per party.

This includes all additional costs (such as room-hire, the mediators travel and accommodation costs), and preparation, including reading up to 300 pages of documents, per party, in advance of the hearing.

Bespoke costs can be negotiated if you have specialist needs, and these costs are the same whether the mediation is in person, or virtual. The only additional costs are for the mediator’s time travelling to a mediation, which is capped at 1 hour maximum each way, anywhere in the UK, at a rate of £155+VAT (£186.00). If a mediation over-runs, then the mediator’s hourly rate is £155+VAT per party, but this will only be charged if all parties agree to extend the time of the mediation.

Should one participant want to pay all the mediation costs (because the other will not contribute for example) then this is allowed.

PLEASE NOTE: All core-mediation costs are invoiced for and must be paid for in advance of the mediation. You will also be required to sign a mediation agreement in advance and a mediation will not take place unless this is completed and submitted in advance.