What is Mediation?

For too long now, in my work as a solicitor, I have seen people waste tens of thousands of pounds and years of their life, fighting over something that could have been resolved in a day if those in dispute would get in a building and try to resolve their differences. The legal system is not in my opinion fit for purpose, and mediation is far, far more effective. I have watched a dispute eat away at countless clients, taking a huge mental, and often physical toll on them. It is just not worth it.

By contrast I have seen how effective mediation can be. Past clients who I never thought would ever agree anything walk away with an agreed outcome and an end to their dispute. It really works.

Successful outcomes at mediation can be much more varied than those imposed by a court. A Judge often has very binary or limited ways of deciding a matter, whereas at mediation you can incorporate anything you want – for example an apology from the other participant in writing – something the court won’t order.

An image of a signed document after mediation with Riviera Mediation
an image of 3 people in a mediation session - riviera mediation

If you want to resolve your problems quickly, without wasting thousands of pounds unnecessarily then trying mediation has to be the answer.

A mediation agreement, drawn up at the end is binding on those involved, as long as it is in writing and most
importantly you also have both confidentiality and control.

Too often, we hear at a mediation ‘I wish I had done this a year ago’. Don’t be that person.

an image of 3 people in a mediation session - riviera mediation

Mediation aims to help create a conversation between the participants in which they can air any differences and work towards finding an outcome that will resolve whatever they disagree about. Often this means that the result is not one that either person or people are entirely happy with, but a resolution that they can ‘live with’. Most importantly it means the dispute is over, and hopefully has saved everyone a massive amount of time, stress, and money, that could be spent better elsewhere.